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We have teams of professional Roofers in Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and surrounding areas, providing a range of small and large roofing projects, repairs and replacements.  Here at the Roofer-In-group, we provide a quality and fully insured roofing service carried out by professionally qualified tradesmen. We are a local family run firm of roofers based in Nottingham, the in the very centre of the country. Our location allows us to provide an immediate ‘same-day service’ for essential or emergency work for most of Nottingham, Leicester, Mansfield and Derby. Our professionally managed competent roofer services range from small repairs to full industrial metal roof replacements.

Nottingham is a vibrant city in the East Midlands on the edge of Sherwood Forest. Famous for its folklore stories of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Other well-known figures and landmarks are Brian Clough and the Nottingham Forest football club that runs alongside the river Trent.

Re-tiling a new roof by The roofer-in Group roofers. Safety is paramount

We have teams of specialist roofers in Nottingham covering Mansfield, Derby & Leicester. Our advice is when looking for the best company for the job it is advisable to check their reputation and find out where they stand in their customers’ eyes. The last thing you want on top of roofing repairs is a roofer who is unsure of what they are doing. Check out our Reviews and testimonials here and on Trustpilot and here on Google.



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THE ANSWER –  is simply to make sure you find where the leak is coming from and then prevent all water entering the premises. A leaking roof can cause a lot of damage to the house and if left unattended, it gets worse really fast. We offer our customers exemplary service thanks to the work of our certified tradesmen. Our goal is not just to fix the obvious leak, but also provide quality services, professional advice and recommendations on how to improve and retain the condition of your roof. Give our team a call and one of our team of roofers in Nottingham or the surrounding areas can pop in and take a look to assess any damage free of charge.



The size of the roof and types of tiles required for the roof re-tiling will always have an effect on the cost. The types of tiles used and the area all have a knock-on effect on the estimated square metre price.

Tile Roofing Repairs NottinghamA tiled roof should last for many years without needing any roofing repairs. Tiles are supposed to weather for a lifetime because they are made of either clay or concrete. If it is time to replace it through age and wear and tear then that is normal, but not all roofs will need replacing or re-tiling. Many leaks usually occur with the felt situated under the tiles and it is this that keeps any water from passing into the roof. We have dedicated teams of roofers in Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Leicester who are tiling specialists and have seen all and every type of problem. You’ll be in safe hands from the moment you call us.


  • Felt Roofing repairs Nottingham

Asphalt is the main component of felt and when it stays exposed to heat or cold for too long, it becomes brittle. It will eventually crack no longer be waterproof. Slipped tiles and slates or damaged wood could also be the issue that has caused the damage. We have roofers in Nottingham and surrounding areas on hand to deal with flat roof repairs of all types.

  • Roof Replacement Nottinghamroofers in Nottingham near me that do new roofs and total roof replacement

If it is time for a full roof replacement through age and ‘wear and tear’, then this is normal. Not all roofs will need replacing or re-tiling as many leaks usually occur with the felt that is situated under the tiles. and is what keeps any water from passing through the roof. Check out our page that covers the pitfalls and issues with replacing a roof – when you should do it, what to look out for and the general costings.

Here at the Roofer-In group, with our roofers in Nottingham covering most of the East Midlands, we can take care of all problems and will get your roof repaired quickly and back in perfect condition.  In all cases, we carry out a full roof inspection to make sure there is no underlying problem that will cause a future relapse.



Roofing Repairs Nottingham

The cost by roofers in Nottingham to repair a flat roof will be dependent on the damage – and the repairs should be handled swiftly, usually before the whole thing collapses. Our roof restoration and roofing repairs service covers Nottingham, Leicester, Derby & Mansfield. We can save you thousands of pounds in flat roof replacement. We can handle whatever work is required, be it hot tar, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam or corrugated metal. The type of coatings we use helps keep the inside cool when it gets hot. If a new or replacement roof is required over the whole roof or just certain areas to save you money – we will let you know.



The chimney is probably the simplest part of your house’s design yet a lot of chimney problems are misdiagnosed and allowed to progress from a routine fix to a 2-day job.

Wherever the chimney is in need of attention, an inspection will be carried out by our certified roofers. Our professional teams can carry out any type of job with utter perfection whether it is; chimney crown repair, tuck pointing, leaking chimneys, lead roofing repairs or chimney masonry issues.

The chimney box bricks and mortar often deteriorate due to exposure to direct flames over time. Therefore, at the top of the chimney, ‘freeze-and-thaw’ cycles will often leave the top needing repair. We are experts in chimney repairs and replacements. We also offer regular chimney maintenance and cleaning to make sure problems do not reoccur, all part of the roofing repairs Nottingham Derby and Leicester service that we provide.



Roofers in Nottingham, roof repairs Nottingham

Usually, these are more often than not corrugated ASBESTOS or metal roofs and any damage to them is quite obvious, meaning we can repair, refurbish or replace the roof. We keep your garage dry by using an anti-condensation treatment. It could be storm damage to your roof or simply wear and tear. Whichever it is, the job quickly and affordably by our fully trained and qualified roofers.

Our roofing repairs service in Nottingham Derby & surrounding areas encircles all the roofing problems that you might face in your home, hence, If the roof to your conservatory is leaking or damaged in any way, then we are the right people to call.




A big problem in the roofing industry is overcharging for roofing repairs – most of the time to an outrageous extent. The materials we use as well as the damage to the flat roof is where we calculate the cost, preserving the reputation that we have built over the years is what matters most to us. Therefore, we always make sure we stay honest with our clientele. You can rest assured that working with us will not cost you a penny more than it should. A rough guide to replacing a flat roof per square metre is:

A Single-Ply Roof Approx £80/m² fitted
A standard Felt Roof: Around £40-£50/m2 installed
A Fibreglass Roof Average £90/m²  – incl lead work and installed

For information on any of our roofing services – please give a member of our team a call on 0333 577 6737