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Chimney Repairs Nottingham are on the up as properties age and take a lashing from the weather – if left alone, small problems can cause substantial damage to the roof of your house. It is one of the more neglected parts of the house as it is usually tucked away out of view and so out of mind. Fuels such as timber, coal turf etc. burning under it create carbon monoxide, soot, creosote and other forms of corrosive residue which pile up in time to cause blockages and loss of up-draught. What’s worse and probably more worrying about it is that it happens so slowly and discretely that you may not get to notice it yourself (while it’s still seamlessly repairable). Basically, that’s why you need our professional chimney repair service to detect the problem and resolve it. Good, decent local chimney contractors can be hard to find as they’re such a small (yet obviously essential!) component to a lot of roofs… we have repaired and replaced hundreds of chimneys at this point and can proudly say that we’ll always do a top-notch job on any chimney issues you could be facing! What’s a guarantee is the chimney repair materials we’ll use are going to be unquestionably quality and long-lasting – just check out our quotes to see our branded chimney repair supplies, you can always Google the brand to double check quality.

What we do

Chimney repair in Nottingham Leicester Derby and MansfieldWe are not solely a roofing company (which is what we are renowned for anyway) but our services extend to chimney repair after realising just how much broken down and poorly managed chimneys let down otherwise perfect homes. Before we tell you why you need a chimney repair service company, and should choose us over anyone else, here are some of the commonest chimney problems encountered by homeowners needing chimney repairs Nottingham.

– Both full and partial chimney blockages

– Smoke and soot related concerns

– Rust and corrosion problems on flues

– Cracked chimney walls

– Damage on chimney liners and pots

– Unsolicited movement of smoke between flues

– Up-draught and downdraught problems

– Gradual build-up of creosote

– Dented and leaking soot boxes/doors

– Damaged caps

– Moisture sipping into wall

– Chimney fire-Lipping of smoke over fireplace

– Cracked chimney breast

– Sand falling off and down the chimney etc.

– Brick chimney repair (common for bricks to be one of the main issues in not offering the correct stability for the structure)

– Chimney leak (a chimney leak repair cost isn’t as bad as you could probably be guessing.)

– Fireplace AND chimney repair – local fireplace repair can be hard to find but this is another type of job we’ve completed loads of… even our own team’s fireplace from time to time!   

Why do I need a chimney repair service?

Some minor issues such as scrubbed off or soot-covered paint can clearly be fixed without the help of a professional but then some such as repointing, cap replacement, and flue patch-up may call for chimney repair service professionals.

Chimney Repair Cost

We have always preferred offering a full chimney repair package, which is a lot cheaper than having it worked in stages. but customer specifications always come first. Whatever the problem, be it small or large, we will provide you with the most affordable and best cost overall for the work required. Chimney costs can be totally and widely varied from each company you might find in and around Nottingham, Leicester, Derby etc. when and if you make your comparisons, so don’t be surprised if you get loads of different quotes and suggestions as to what might be best. Hopefully our breakdown/guide of chimney repair costs will help you out in your repairing endeavours! Something random we heard recently was that a roofing contractor tried to pass on a chimney repair products rather than actually fix the chimney?! So we suppose you never really know what you’ll get with other companies… But hopefully by this point you know you’ll be getting stellar quality with Roofer-In Group!

Here is an estimated guide of chimney repair costs: Please note that these prices will be subject to change depending on size, extra work and scaffolding required.

All prices for chimney work will obviously depend on their position on the roof, too. Those located lower down at the eaves level will require less scaffolding than those at ridge height.

  • To Repoint a ridge chimney will cost in the region of £300 – £500 dependent on whether scaffolding is needed
  • Repointing of a lower-level eaves chimney will cost in the region of about £700 – dependent on scaffolding needed
  • The complete rebuild of a chimney will cost around £1,500 for a ridge and £1,200 for an eaves chimney


We have qualified experts

Chimney flue repair re pointing and replacementUnlike most other companies of our class out there, we absorb qualified experts into our team and frequently equip them with the latest skills and equipment for the job. We even have subdivisions in the department such that different technicians are specialised for different tasks. In other words, the person who will inspect your flue for cracks and splintering is not the same person who will fix it. That’s how serious we take our job and your chimney.

We are certified and insured

Worried about a brick falling off the roof and smashing a window pane? Well, how about you let us worry about that. Our experts are the best and most experienced there is but we can’t overlook the possibility of accidental damage during repair. That’s why we have insurance cover to compensate you for any damage that may occur. That’s not only good for your peace of mind but also our tradesmen who can concentrate more on repairing your chimney and less on trivial concerns.
Our experts have all the right training required from relevant manufacturers to prove the credibility of our services. These are available on request.


Honesty is one of the most downplayed traits of tradesmen today. Most companies care more (if not only) about delivery and profits while customer interaction and honest evaluations are given less priority.

We don’t see why we would recommend total re-pointing of your chimney if all is needed is a patch up. So don’t worry about unnecessary extra costs because we will tell you it how it is. The Roofer-In Group will only work on what should be worked on and charge you accordingly.

We use the best products in the market

Unfortunately, we don’t have our own branded products yet – but that is in the pipeline. Instead, we ensure we only do use only the highest rated materials. We’re confident we can match whatever it is that needs to be replaced with like for like.

A client base to show for it

We are proud to be associated with hundreds of satisfied homeowners throughout the midlands providing chimney repairs in Nottingham and the surrounding nearby areas. We would be even more gratified if we added you to the list. While we wholly value our business and its objectives, customer satisfaction remains at the top of our priorities. In words of one syllable, you’re going to stick to us the moment you give us a go!


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