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Conservatory Repairs in Nottingham are becoming more and more common as people extend their homes. It can be very expensive if any damage is left unattended for long periods of time and leaks occur into the house. Give us a call us the moment you spot any signs of cracks or leaks in the roof and we can check it out for you obligation free. There are a number of symptoms which will indicate the presence of holes that will allow leaks in your conservatory roof. Many people know about leaks only when they start letting rainwater in which is too late. In some cases where deterioration has occurred extensively, the only way to resolve many leaks is by opting for a full roof replacement.


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Conservatory roof repairs are a lot less expensive than overall replacement. This makes it extremely important to get the conservatory roof checked at regular intervals for early signs of leaks. You should get these checks done properly by trained roofing experts such as us.

To speak with one of our Conservatory Repairs Nottingham team – Call us on 07938 720424 and we can discuss your requirements


Take a look at some of the more common signs below that indicate the presence of damage that will cause leaks in your conservatory roof.

• Visible cracks in your roofing material

• Algae or dirt trapped in different parts of the roof

• Discoloration on the conservatory’s ceiling

• Increased condensation on your roofing panels

If you get your conservatory roof replaced, repaired, or installed by us, we are so confident it will stay in perfect condition for years to come as we offer a 10-year guarantee with most of our work. This means you’ll never have to worry about poor materials and bad workmanship.

Adding a conservatory to your property can offer you a number of benefits. It would provide you with the extra space you have been longing for; additionally, you can use it as a sunroom or as a playing area for your children or a way of opening up your home to a lovely garden. The most common purpose of building conservatories, however, is for increasing the value of a property.

For the conservatory to be a beneficial addition to your home, it must be a well-built structure and should be maintained with care. You must be particularly careful with the conservatory roof. A poorly maintained, wrongly installed, or low-quality roofing system can result in serious troubles.

Conservatory Roof Repairs

Looking to install, replace, or repair a conservatory roof? We can offer you the most comprehensive roofing services for your conservatory. Our team of roofing experts would install high-quality conservatory roofs with amazing precision and will also carry out repairs and replacement works based on your needs and preferences.

Types of Conservatory Roofs

Glass roofs – This one is the most popular option when it comes to conservatory roofs. If you are thinking of using the conservatory all through the year, glass roof is surely the best option for you. Our collections include glasses of various qualities that are available for a range of prices.
The biggest advantage offered by glass roof is clarity. If you opt for a glass roof, you will be allowing more light to enter the room and will also be able to see the sky clearly.

The highly impressive insulating properties of glass roof are also responsible for making it the most wanted conservatory roofing type. High-quality glass roofs also come with the ability of actively controlling the amount of light and heat entering the conservatory.
Our collection also includes self-cleaning glass; a conservatory roof made using this glass would require minimum maintenance.

All the glass roofing systems we offer are double glazed. These units fit most frame types perfectly; this means, you will be able to pick wood or UPVC as framing material without much brainstorming. We provide a comprehensive glass conservatory roof repairs service throughout the Midlands.

Poly carbonate repairs Polycarbonate replacement services Leicester Nottingham Derby MansfieldPolycarbonate roofs – They are roofs made using a type of thermoplastic polymer. A polycarbonate roof would be the best option for you if you are looking to use your conservatory just to grow plants.
You will get poly-carbonate panels of different thicknesses ranging between 16 and 35 mm. The thicker would be the material, the better would be the insulation offered by it. The thickest polycarbonate roofing material we have in our collection scores as impressively as double glazed glass when it comes to energy efficiency.

One thing you must keep in mind before getting a poly-carbonate roof installed is that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least twice every year. That’s because they become dirty more easily than glass and have a tendency of developing a greenish sludge between its panels.

If you plan on using the conservatory all through the year as living space and not as a greenhouse, it may not be wise not to opt for a poly-carbonate roof. However, polycarbonate roofs are the cheapest and most flexible options available for conservatory roof systems. The cost of installation is also much lower for roofs made with this material when compared to the cost of a glass conservatory roof installation.

No other material can be moulded as easily as polycarbonate. The material can be moulded to form shapes resembling that of an igloo or a dome without any difficulty. Two other striking properties of polycarbonate include safety in the form of low flammability and high impact resistance. They also don’t warp or fade.

Call us to convert your conservatory roof into a sun-room

We also offer conservatory roof conversion services.
Do you want to convert your conservatory roof into a sun-room adorned by a fully insulated, tiled roof? Does the temperature inside your conservatory drops significantly during the winter months and become excessively high during the summer months? This is one of the most common problems faced by conservatory owners; more so because with the cost of energy rising with every passing day, for most people, it’s not feasible to spend money on a cooling or heating system for such a poorly insulated room. Our conversion services can solve this problem permanently for an affordable amount.
There was a time when the process of converting conservatory roofs into sunrooms required elaborate construction works done. Roofers used to remove the existing roof, and windows, install steel supports and finally fit a sunroom roof. Now, the procedure has changed completely. The biggest benefit of this change is the drop in cost.
Call us to perform the conversion to your property and we will do it by simply insulating and tiling your current conservatory. The process will not require removal of the existing roof. In fact, we would not remove any part of your existing conservatory.

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