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Understanding the Costs Involved in a Roof Replacement

Looking For A New Roof in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester? Read this to find out new roof costs and what to expect.

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Nottingham new roofNew Roof Costs! 

So you’ve decided you need a new roof.

You’ve done the smart thing and approached several roofers to give their say on the job, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

This is the way to go.

If you haven’t asked multiple contractors these questions, you should definitely consider doing so for a multiple of reasons. One reason is that if you just get a singular quote, you may be quoted a price that isn’t reflective of what you want to be paying.

This could be because the company is extremely busy so they thought they would overprice the job because they don’t really have the man power. So, getting several roofing contractors Nottingham in to quote helps to protect your own best interests as you can see several opinions on your predicament. 

We know that our costs are always consistent, but this is friendly advice more than anything! 

In this article, we’ve written about how a roofer is going to break down the costs on their end for your roof replacement, all while keeping it non-technical and easy to understand if you’re trying to get a new roof Nottingham. It gives you an idea of costs and how roofers come up with their cost and why you might be paying a certain amount for what you are paying for.

Read this breakdown if you’ve been given quotes that you can’t understand where the cost is coming from (apart from the obvious – like labour) and for a deeper understanding of what is going to go into your roof replacement.

Garage roof replacement in Nottingham or surrounding areas isn’t quite covered in this article. This article is more for commercial or residential replacements at a full size as opposed to a smaller garage roof placement.

However, we’ll look to tackle the issue of garage roof replacements and the kinds of costs you should look at for your garage.


A first major consideration for any roofer in undertaking a roof replacement, whether in Nottingham, Carlton or any city in England really, is the materials they have to buy to install on your roof.

Shingles are usually the primary bit of kit on a roof. A good roofing contractor will list the amount of shingles they’re going to use for your roof and also the manufacturer of the materials so you can search the quality of the materials used. This will also allow you to see the style of shingles being used I.E. how they look and how your roof is mostly going to look.

new roof nottingham A quick recommendation we can make now is to go for architectural / dimensional shingles. They’re really in at the moment. It’s a way that you can get more bang for your buck as it were because they’re still low costing but give the look of some of the more higher costing materials.

You might even be able to select the exact look of the shingles if your contractor is nice and flexible.

Another thing to look out for when looking up your roofers’ materials is the warranty on the products they’re using. This is useful information for when damage occurs and if you can get work covered on your warranty.


Your estimated might include a flashing cost on it. Usually, you’re only going to pay for this if you have a chimney on your roof, or dormers or walls.

Flashing itself essentially stops water from getting underneath your shingles and causing leaks and all sorts of damage to the actual structure of your home.

This is an essential fee as water damage is going to mess up just about everything with your roof and your property and therefore requiring more work and lowering the value of your home.

The materials itself used for flashing are usually thin sheets of aluminium or galvanised steel. These parts of metal roofs are used over joints of your roof and the structure of the roofing that goes up.

Parts of the roof vary from chimneys, windows, pipes, skylight, decks and edges.

It’s probably going to be essential for a lot of roofs these days so probably expect to see this expense on a quote – or if you don’t you could very well enquire as to why flashing hasn’t been included.

Just like any part of the roof, your flashing can get worn down and not be effective anymore so it’s really, really essential in protecting you.


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If you ask about underlayment for your roof to your roofing contract they should know exactly what it is.

This is the kind of thing we would recommend asking about if you don’t see it on the quote.

Run a mile if you ask about underlaying and they don’t know what it is!

Every single legit roofing contractor will though so you should be fine and if they haven’t mentioned it on the quote, enquire!

Underlayment is essentially the waterproofing for your roof, so you can imagine why it’s so essential. Sometimes it might be called felt paper or something to that effect. Fibreglass is added to strengthen the underlayment and make it harder to break – which improves how water resistant your roof will be over time. Handy!

The underlayment goes between plywood and your shingles. So this is always going to be an essential cost on any new roof East Midlands or anywhere! 

Another savvy thing you can look out for is the underlayment and your shingles being supplied by the same company. This is because these two parts of the roof are meant to be working together and it could well be necessary in order for either your shingles or the underlayment to be valid from a warranty.

The last thing you want is for the roofer to use separate materials from separate companies and not be valid for either warranty. So this might be something worth looking out for.

Always feel free to question certain things about the invoice.

If the roofing company are pros, they should never mind clarifying why they’re doing what they are doing – they should know the exact answer to this and it should give you peace of mind if they’re doing things for the right reason.

For example, you might ask why they’ve gone for two separate suppliers for the shingles and underlayment.

The roofer could very well come back and say: “these two items have their own warranty separate of each other and these shingles look great but are within your price range and the underlayment is extremely environmentally friendly but is a similar cost and effectiveness of the other underlayment that suited your budget!”

That would be a great answer to hear and give you confidence in the roofers’ knowledge and how much they’re thinking about the job moving forward.

Drip Edge

new roof nottinghamMost people have never heard of a drip edge and we can’t blame them really.

There’s a lot of words just related to a roof that it would be hard to know them all!

This is the type of element in a quote that if it’s missing, you should ask the roofer why there is nothing written about a drip edge (hopefully it’s because you don’t need it or the price is included in another part of the invoice so it shouldn’t always be alarm bells going off if you can’t see it).

A lot of suppliers will probably say you should have one in order to keep warranties in tact so that’s another consideration in itself for getting a drip edge installed for your new roof.

The drip edge is basically the parts of metal you’ll see applied in and around the lines of the gutter. They help to block water from going under shingles and damaging the aforementioned plywood that protects the fascia.

These are worth investing into (you might even want to ask your roofer to add these to your cost!) as they help to avoid more water damage (which is going to eventually destroy any roof).

To be honest, they don’t cost too much either and they could add a good amount of time into your roof, especially if you live in a rainy area and be really beneficial to your roof investment.


Last but not least is good old labour.

Your roof might take several weeks to complete and the roofing company is going to need to pay people to do the work for you. Most of these guys are going to have a day rate so you can start to gauge costs of labour with the remaining costs once you’ve considered the material costs.

If the roofing contractor has given you an estimate of about 4 weeks work and you can’t make sense of the labour costs, you might be being overpriced. Most day dates of a roofer vary from £100-£200 so just make some basic calculations to see if you can make sense of the labour costs of the roofers actually at the job.

It might be just about right or it might be way off. You can simply enquire how the price is broken down if the roofer hasn’t gone into loads of detail and they should be happy to show you the rough labour costs.

That’s it for now on new roofs in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester. Hopefully you’ve picked up some tips from this article and more of an understanding as to how a roofing job is generally priced – or generally SHOULD be priced…

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