We provide quality replacement of Fascias and Soffits Derby, Nottingham & Mansfield. Replacement of this work should only be carried out by trained personnel such as us here at The Roofer-In Group. Homeowners often do not pay enough attention to them on their property. However, the fact is that these are actually the parts of a building that really deserve your full attention. That is mainly because fascia and soffits play a significant role in the appearance of any home. In addition, their health is also important for proper drainage of rainwater (and melting snow in some areas) from roofs.

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Fascias and Soffits Replacement

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Issues with Fascias and Soffits Derby, Mansfield, Nottingham and surrounding areas are on the increase as properties age. Failure to repair damaged rooflines on your home on time, will not only find your house losing value and charm, but will also start experiencing problems like the improper channeling of water. If not repaired for a long period of time, such damaged rooflines can develop highly problematic and potentially expensive leaks. We are here to offer you a comprehensive Fascias and Soffits Replacement service as a solution to such issues. We have a versatile collection of fascia boards which will not only make your home look elegant but will also protect its roofline against leak formation.

What we offer

Soffits and Fascias Derby. Expert soffit replacement and repair NottinghamAs expected, the majority of the homeowners want to get highly durable fascias and soffits Derby installed in their homes. This is the reason why the UPVC plastic fascia boards offered by us enjoy such immense popularity among our customers. These boards have been designed and manufactured for withstanding extreme weather conditions; they are extremely sturdy, yet gorgeous to look at. We can carry out both clad-over jobs and full replacements depending on our clients’ requirements and budget.

This doesn’t mean that you need costly repair work done just because you can afford it. Our experts will inspect the roofing of your home and make recommendations for the appropriate type of UPVC boards. Soffit installations can be carried out both as standalone jobs or as a part of larger projects.

Fascias and Soffits Derby Replacement Services

The process involves removal of all the existing fascias and soffits and exposing the rafters of the roof completely. This is followed by installation of new UPVC soffits along with fresh guttering and fascia. This will ensure any existing rot and material damage is removed completely, which leads to a completely revamped roof line.

Clad over:

You should opt for this method if you are low on budget or if the damage caused to your roofline is not too severe. This procedure is usually significantly cheaper compared to the full replacement process. However, the look offered by clad over is more or less same as the look offered by the other process.

The first step of the clad over procedure would be the removal of the existing guttering. Inspection of the timbers will show whether any parts found with considerable damage or rot will need to be replaced. The next step would involve the installation of high-quality UPVC fascia and soffit boards with fresh drainpipes and guttering.

The difference in options:

There are 2 main differences between these installation methods.

  • The first – a clad over, is installed over the existing material which doesn’t involve the removal of existing materials and is much cheaper.
  • The second is a full Fascias and Soffits Replacement involves the total removal of all current material and is more expensive.
Fascias and Soffits Derby
Fascias and soffits Derby Nottingham Mansfield Replacement services

A clad over might make your home’s roofline extremely eye-catching, but in some cases, it might not eradicate the problems completely. On rare occasions, even after a successful clad over, timbers might keep rotting and deteriorating. If your home has an old roofline then it would probably be wise to get it completely replaced or treated before the cladding.


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Since we formed, we have been working with the sole aim of providing our clients with the most comprehensive services we can. As a result, we have always concentrated on doing high-quality work. We offer dedicated customer service and use products of the highest possible quality. Over the years, we have managed to build up a legacy of offering premium services for affordable prices with excellent results. You will only get highly durable and cost-effective Fascias and Soffits replacement, installation, maintenance, and repair services from us. Due to this, most of our work is either repeat businesses or comes to us on recommendations.

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