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Garage roof repairs felt roofing repairGarage roof repairs can still be necessary after years of service and protecting your garage from the elements. The roof will eventually need to be replaced or repaired if damage causes leaks and holes. It’s not exactly the typical DIY job even tough minor repairs should be okay to handle. It needs you to have a professional around with the right kind of skills and tools. There are repairs that take up a lot of time and effort and this is exactly the kind of thing to leave to a professional.

Many garage roof repairs tend to lead to the temptation of sitting back and ignoring the problem. This may lure you into the bliss of ignorance and the problem will only grow bigger over time. An ignored leak could cause you to replace the whole garage roof or a big chunk of it which will obviously dent your pockets substantially. Rotten wood, mildew and moulds also form on the ceilings and walls which just makes the whole quandary a nuisance that will take you days to correct. Apart from a roof that is falling apart, the smell is the other thing that will keep you out of your garage. At this point, all you want is your old garage back. Well, all is not lost. A garage in such condition may take some work to bring back to its former glory but it is not impossible.

Garage Roof Repairs

New garage roof installations Leicester Nottingham Derby MansfieldOur Company specialises in providing garage roof repairs in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, and Mansfield areas. We have experts whose sole goal is to make sure you don’t have to deal with the same problem twice. Our services include all roofing repairs for all kinds of garage roofs. Our way doing things involves you from start to finish. If you would like to repair or have a garage roof replacement, we are fit for the task.

Over the years, clients have come to appreciate our sturdy and prompt repair work. For the amount of time we have been in the roofing business, we have encountered every type of garage roof damage one can think of. This, while challenging, has improved our skill set and made us better. Our team of experts is always ready to help you out with any repairs you may need whether minor or major.

Leaky roofs

The problem with a leaky roof is that the leak is usually not at the same place it shows itself – You have to look for it. Water usually comes in through missing, broken or worn out shingles. It could also be loose nails or roof flashing that is poorly sealed around the chimney, skylights or vents. The water flows down the roof through the top side of ceilings, roof rafters or along the sheathing. Our job is to find the leak and cover it. We thoroughly inspect the roof to find the leak. In this process, we are able to detect any other anomalies that may need fixing and bring them to your attention.

Let us help you with your felt roofing needs

New garage felt underlayRoofing underlayment is an important barrier after the shingles. It helps to lengthen the shelf life of your roof. There is a choice between synthetic felt and traditional asphalt saturated felt. There are many things that weigh in on the choice of felt to use like; ease of use, primary materials used to cover the roof, code requirements, cost and individual preferences.

As roofing experts, we always advise the client to go with synthetic felt whenever possible. We source our materials from trusted suppliers who provide the best there is in the market.

Synthetic felt made from polypropylene fabric is our go-to choice since it is lighter than traditional felt and 3 times stronger. Although synthetic felt goes for more than traditional felt, it has numerous advantages that make up for the higher cost.

Safe Asbestos Removal

The most common place to find asbestos is in commercial and domestic roofs. The health implications of garage roof repairs are real and it needs to be taken care of immediately. Checking a roof for traces of asbestos and containing it is not the easiest thing. You can’t see it just by looking. The first thing we do is, take a sample for analysis and give you the independent report.

Once we identify the contamination, we set about getting rid of the asbestos. We provide a method statement for each job which clearly outlines the risks involved because the client’s safety is the number one priority when it comes to these types of jobs. After out certified professionals are done with removing the asbestos, it is recorded and disposal is done according to HSE special waste regulations. Once the garage is certified to be asbestos free, you as the client will receive a certificate showing this.

Are the trusses about to crumble the garage? – We have it covered!

If you have ever seen an abandoned house then the first thing that says; nobody lives here, is the slanting roof. Since such houses have had no maintenance in years the whole house deteriorates and the roof looks like it’s holding on to strings to keep it from falling right off the top of the house. We have new technology and developed skills which allow us to build and repair trusses in a more efficient and longer lasting manner. What’s more, it will not put any strain on your budget. Our truss design is done by qualified carpentry experts who are registered engineers. Improperly installed or damaged trusses cannot withstand heavy snowfall. A typical construction crew may do the job hastily, but trusses are very delicate individually. If not handled with care the metal plates can easily come off, what’s more, the trusses may bend. After we have carried out any asbestos garage roof repairs, we provide

A typical construction company may do the job hastily, but trusses are very delicate individually. If not handled with care the metal plates can easily come off, what’s more, the trusses may bend. After we have carried out any asbestos garage roof repairs, we provide you with the documentation to show that the repairs were done by certified roofers to the engineering standards required by law. These documents are important to keep around just in case you think about selling the house in the future.

We promise to make working with us a different experience

While it may seem like all we do is repair roofs, we take great pride in making sure the client is satisfied with our work ethic and commitment. Our cost evaluation is done considering a number of factors after which we provide you with a quotation and stick to it until the job is complete. Before we begin any job we let the clients know how long it is likely to take and do our best to stay on schedule.

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