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PVC Roofing services and repair Nottingham Leicester Derby MansfieldPVC roofing refers to a single ply membrane consisting of two layers of PVC material that are reinforced by a polyester scrim in between them. Its roofing membrane is made of a thick thermoplastic material which is UV resistant.

The membrane material may also have fiberglass or polyester, resins, plasticisers, pigments and other chemicals. The thickness of PVC roofs may vary depending on the manufacturer. The white colour is quite common mostly because it reflects the sun, however, other colours are also available (e.g. grey, cream, tan).

PVC roofing is a long-lasting roofing system and it can last for more than 30 years. PVC (vinyl) roofing membranes have been there since the 1960’s and they can fit almost any flat roofing and is fire resistant. It is also affordable and although it is generally weather resistant, it is not advisable to install it in places that usually experience heavy rains or even snow as it may become brittle in extremely cold weather.


There are some PVC membranes that come in panels, others are held down by concrete or stone while some are held to the roof deck. During the installation process, hot air (fusion) welding is used when connecting the PVC roofing membrane sheets and this creates a permanent physical bond between them. This process makes waterproof seams that last for many years. A special welding machine is normally used when joining the roofing sections together.

What are the benefits of PVC roofing?

Fire resistance
Vinyl membranes do not support a flame when the fire source is removed. PVC roofing is resistant to fire and it will self-extinguish once the source of the fire has been removed. PVC materials are not easy to ignite and their heat production is relatively low.

As mentioned above, hot air welding is used when connecting the roofing sheets and this is what makes it extremely durable. PVC roofing systems are resistant to weathering, and in fact, many in service membranes have even survived category 3 hurricanes. If you live in a place that often experiences strong winds, a PVC roof will provide great protection against such winds. PVC roofing is, therefore, durable and as mentioned above, it can even last for more than 30 years if well maintained. PVC is a great waterproof material especially on roof decks, balconies among others. This also adds to its long life.

PVC membranes are very flexible can, therefore, be customised to suit rooftop variances. Some PVC roofing membranes are specifically fabricated to fit each building. They can easily be cut, welded, shaped and joined together in any style you want. They are also lightweight and this reduces the handling challenges that are often experienced.

They are easy to weld and highly resistant to leaks  
PVC membranes can easily be welded to produce strong very reliable seams. These hot air welded seams are actually stronger than the roof membrane itself and this ensures that no moisture gets inside. This reduces the possibility of leaks which would otherwise result in dampness and even the development of mould inside the house. The roofs are often welded to the adjacent sheet making a very durable, watertight seal.
Additionally, the constant dampness, low or high alkaline conditions and even exposure to fungi, bacteria or even plant roots will not affect a PVC roofing membrane.

Reduce energy costs
If you are looking for a green roofing material that will also help cut on energy costs, then PVC roofing is the way to go. PVC roofs are very reflective and they can reflect up to 80% of the UV rays from the sun and this translates to a 30% reduction on your annual cooling costs. This is why PVC roofs are top rated in energy saving.

Maintenance & repair

PVC roofing requires only little maintenance during its entire life. The maintenance will not generally involve cleaning of dirt & debris, to ensure that the drains are not clogged. Because of the flexibility nature of the roofs, any repair work that may even require welding will also be very easy


PVC roofing is great and if you are planning to install new roofing to your building, then you should consider it. You can even install the PVC roofing on top of your old roof because it is lightweight and this will minimize your roofing costs.

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