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A re-roofing definition is NOT to get a new roof, but to effectively re-cover the roof you currently have. Re-Roofing your house can be worrying as well as a gamble for any homeowner. Many who have started noticing significant surface damage might opt for a complete or partial re-roof The biggest plus of re-roofing is that it allows you not just protection for your contents but a look that people normally associate with a newly installed roof. This adds value without having to spend as much as you would have spent on a completely new roof. To put it more bluntly, re roofing costs are much less than roof replacement costs. A re-roof vs roof replacement can be a great option. Re-roofing cost being a lot lower is actually the number one benefit of re-roofing your house.

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Re-Roofing Services Nottingham

Roofing Maintenance and Solutions

Roof replacement and re roofing in Nottingham Leicester Derby and MansfieldIdeally, you should get your roof inspected once in every 3 to 4 months, particularly after bad weather such as in winter. Make sure these inspections are carried out by experienced roofing professionals. Only a qualified roofing professional will be able to identify the hidden signs of leaks and minor cracking of tiles on a roof. Homeowners tend to miss those hidden signs due to lack of expertise and or not being able to see what is going on up on their roof. Getting regular repairs and checkups will make your roof last longer.

Whenever our roofers identify signs of leaks or cracks, they will immediately examine the bottom of the roof for water damage. This will help them to determine the extent of damage that has incurred to the roof and plan any re-roofing project accordingly.


Roofing Problems

As a homeowner, you should also be careful about a deterioration taking place on your roof. Severe or constant deterioration really indicates that it’s high time for calling in a roofer. Examples of these signs are listed below.

  • Sagging roof deck. A sagging roof deck is one of the most prominent indicators of the fact that your roof is in a bad way. Sagging of the roof deck usually results from long-term water damage and should be addressed as quickly as possible.


  • Wetness on the walls and ceiling. Have you recently spotted a few wet spots on a wall or the ceiling of your room? Are there trails, dark spots, or other forms of discolouration on the inner-side of your attic? If yes, then call us immediately to check your roof for signs of water damage.


  • Cracked or missing tiles. These conditions are observed mostly in homes located in places experiencing extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, hailstorm etc. Cracking of tiles or shingles as they are known might also mean that they have reached the end of their lifespan. Often it can be a good idea to reroof over existing shingles.


  • Light rays coming through roof boards. If you find that external light is showing through your roof it means that if not repaired soon, water would use the same spaces to enter your home.


  • Two other changes which indicate that you might need to hire a roofer. The discovery of pieces of tile shingle granules in the gutter.  Excessive wearing or loose material around the penetrations such as vents, pipes, and chimneys.

What is the cost of re-roofing a house?

Re-roofing services Nottingham Leicester Mansfield and DerbyThe most significant factor to influence the costs of re-roofing services is the kind of materials to be used. Most frequently used are slate tiles, asphalt sheeting, wood shingles, and laminated tiles. Laminated tiles look almost the same as slate tiles. The cheapest option among them is asphalt felt. Slate shingle tiles are among the priciest. Reroofing cost is largely impacted by the materials used, as with most re roofing and construction.

The cost of re-roofing would be even more if your home has a corrugated or metal roof. The expenses would also vary depending on whether your roof is sloped or flat, low pitch or high pitch.

Some roofing jobs might require permission for carrying out repair works especially for listed buildings. In some areas, the permit is available for a flat rate, while in other areas the price of the permit varies depending on the value or size of the home and the age.

The next factor influencing the cost of re-roofing is the size of the job. We mostly determine the cost based on the roof’s square footage.

The presence of skylight and chimneys can increase the re-roofing expenses. It’s because our roofers need to work around these structures when repairing damaged areas. If your roof has a skylight, the service could cost an additional £150.00 to £400.00.

Flat Re-roofing costs per SQ metre:

Felt Roof (Bitumen) Average £45-£55/m2 installed and completed
Single Ply: Average £80-85/m² installed and completed
Fibreglass: Average £85-95/m² (including lead work and the installation and trimming.
Green Roofs: Starting at £55/m² for a sedum roof to approximately £200/m² for a complete planted roof Extra cost could involve infrastructure reinforcements
Metal Roofing: Can cost £50/m² upwards for Lead work and this does not include installation costs. Copper or Zinc will have higher costs more at around £95 – 105/m² — no installation though as this will depend on how much work is involved on a time basis

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