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Slate roof repair and replacement services in Nottingham Leicester Derby and MansfieldSlate roofing repair and replacement will always require qualified and trained roofers to deal with, this is a fact due to the type of material it is made up of. So, with this in mind, choosing the right roofing material is a major decision when renovating or building a home. The roofing material you choose should not only be structurally sound in fulfilling its’ role in forming a quality, watertight layer, which keeps your home protected from harsh weather elements, but it should also be durable and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to choosing residential roofing, there are numerous different types to choose from, but if you want a roof that adds elegance and class to your home, is durable and Eco-friendly, then slate roofing is the way to go




Slate roofs are basically made of rock/stone which is pulled from the earth, and then worked down into shingles; the reason why it’s very durable, fireproof and waterproof. It’s one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing of roofing materials and is known to be one of the highest quality roofing materials on the market. A standard slate roofing installation is comprised of flat, thin, and usually rectangular stone slabs which overlap in a manner that it’s watertight, and can remain so for a century, and more. The slates are normally fastened into a wooden roof deck using nails. The stone, the wood, and the fasteners are the only three components that are needed for a complete slate roofing system which will keep your home fully protected for decades, if not centuries, to come. It’s available in a variety of colours including, red, green, purple, grey, black, and even a mixture of different colours. Moreover, there are shingles which are custom made to meet specific requirements and are made in different sizes and thicknesses.


The lifespan of this particular roofing material is directly tied to its’ quality. The lifespan generally ranges from about 50 years to over 200 years. The quality varies depending on the quarry the stone was mined, but can also vary within one (single) quarry. Basically, different layers may be of varying quality; As the mining in the pit progresses, quality of the material mined from the ground may change. That being said, the average lifespan is about 100 years, which makes them the perfect choice for crowning your property or home for generations to come. As compared to most of the other roofing materials, that have an average lifespan of between 30 years to 50 years; you will get to enjoy major savings on roof replacement. In addition to this, when installed properly, the roofs require little maintenance, depending on the specific material used and the roof configuration, along with your geographical location.

Roofing Costs

One of the main factors that tend to deter some homeowners from installing this type of roofing, is the relatively high cost of roofing materials and the labour. Well, depending on the thickness, grade, and overall quality of the tiles, you can expect to pay anything from £3 to £15 per sq ft for the materials. When you include, the installation cost, the total cost can be anywhere from £6 and £12 per sq ft installed. The installation costs basically vary from one installer to another depending on your location, the material and the finish grade, the labour rates, the preparation required, the surface area, and other special requirements. However, when you put into consideration the benefits that come from having this type of roofing, like lasting 5 times longer than other roofing systems, then you will understand why it is smarter to have this type of roof.

Slate Roofing Repair

Slate’s high density makes it waterproof, which means that it’ll not absorb any water. It is completely non-combustible, and will fully protect your property or house in case of a fire. It is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, which makes it quite ideal in the areas which are more prone to snow, heavy rainfalls, and strong winds. The roof will also not get affected by mould or fungus. All of these amazing properties make this type of roofing practically maintenance free, thus allowing you to enjoy the much-needed peace of mind, without ever having to spend lots of cash on costly maintenance and frequent repairs. That being so, you should know that even the very best of rooms will eventually require replacing or repairs. This type of roofs might need repairs for 2 basic reasons; either the slates have become damaged or broken, or the flashings have seriously deteriorated. The cost of completely restoring this type of roof is about 15% of the actual cost of replacing it. So, as long as the slates are still in good condition, there’s no need for replacing the entire roof, but rather opt for repairs. Repairs are a viable solution for localised problems/issues and for damaged roofs which have a reasonably long serviceable lifespan remaining.

Slate vs Tile

Slate tile replacement and repairBoth of these roofs are incredibly similar and have certain characteristics which are virtually the same. However, slate is more durable than tile, requires relatively much lower maintenance, and doesn’t require regular replacing like tile roofs. On the other hand, tile has more decorative options, which allows people to make their roofs as bold or understated as they want. That being said, if you’re looking for a lifetime roofing system which will provide you with superior durability, and add beauty to your property/home, you should consider investing in a slate roof. It will add great curb appeal to of your home and offer a high level of protection for your property/home for centuries to come, without you having to spend extra cash on maintenance, replacements, and repairs.


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