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Solar panel roof installation costs in the last decade have dropped by over 40%, and the good news is, the cost is expected to continue dropping. Installing the panels can be a really great investment which not only helps you save money, but also increases the value of your home or property, and helps the environment. The revolution that has taken place in the last 2 decades, has made solar power a very powerful force in the energy industry. Well, if you are considering installing the panels, one of the very first questions you might ask is:

How much does a solar roof panel installation cost?

Before we answer this question, it is important to note that the cost generally varies depending on various factors, including; the size of your rooftop, your electricity needs, the type of panel, among others. That being said, the average home installation cost can range anywhere from £5,000 to £20,000 (including VAT). This covers a complete system installation including; the panels, the inverter, labour, designs, mounting system, the wires/electrical connections, and consultancy throughout the project. The panels are normally installed on the rooftops, the building tops, and on standalone facilities.

Nowadays, there are great incentives and rebates which are offered to compensate homeowners for the solar power they produce, and this helps in offsetting the initial investment cost. Governments have created numerous financial incentives so as to encourage the use of this particular type of energy, like the Feed-in tariff programs. In addition to this, solar leases are increasingly becoming a popular option as an effective way of defraying the upfront costs. The leasing companies usually pay for any repairs and maintenance. That being said, let’s now take a look at some of the benefits of having the panels installed in your home;

What are the benefits of Solar Panel Roof Installation?

Financial Benefit.
This is probably one of the main benefits of having the solar panel roof installation installed in your home or property. Thanks to the Feed-in Tariffs, homeowners get paid for the electricity that’s generated on a 1/4 (quarterly) basis. The payment is guaranteed, tax-free and is index linked for twenty-five years. In addition to this, homeowners also reduce their electricity bills by basically using their own electricity which is generated during the day. Moreover, the investment pays for itself many times over its 25 year lifetime. This means that you will be protected against the rising electricity costs, and you will enjoy guaranteed tax-free income.

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Add Value to Your Property/Home.
Having an Eco-friendly house/property adds about 6% to the overall value of your property or home.

Having the panels installed in your home is a brilliant selling point as home buyers will enjoy reduced energy/electricity bills while also benefiting from the Feed-in Tariffs. Having panels installed in your home basically, means that you will be able to fetch a much higher price when you decide to sell your home.

Requires Little/Low Maintenance.
The systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance, and they run smoothly for a very long time with easy yearly cleanings. After the installation, they’re very reliable because they actively create power/electricity in a relatively small space, and they don’t use any mechanical parts or moving parts which can break or fail.

In addition to this, the panels are silent producers of energy, and produce no noise whatsoever; consequently, they’re an ideal solution for residential applications.

Easy Installation
The panels are very easy to install and don’t require any cords, wires, or power sources. Unlike the geothermal and wind power stations that require being tied up with drilling machines, the panels don’t require such things and can easily be installed on the roofs, meaning you do not require a new space.

Can Be Utilised in the Remote Locations
Solar power can be of great use in remote areas where there is no access to the power cables. It actually works pretty well in the remote areas where the running power lines would otherwise be rather costly or difficult. The panels can basically be set up almost anywhere to produce renewable energy, as long as the panels receive sunlight.

Independent Source of Energy
It provides energy independence because it can’t be monopolised or bought. It’s free for everyone to use. Once you’ve installed the panels on your roof, you’ve essentially an independent source of energy/electricity that’s reliable.

Slows Down Global Warming.
Today, global warming is a major threat to the survival of mankind, along with the survival of other species. Fortunately, efficient solar panel systems create electricity/energy without producing any global warming pollution. This means that using this type of renewable power is one of the best solutions to the looming global warming crisis.

It generates zero carbon dioxide or any other heat-trapping gasses which contribute to the climate change. It doesn’t produce any harmful wastes or emissions associated with the use of coal power and doesn’t create any of the long-lasting environmental risks that are associated with the use of nuclear power.

Solar Panel 

Roof Installation Types

As long as there’s adequate space, access to sunlight, the panels can be easily installed on almost any type of roof. That being so, the way the panel is attached to the roof depends on the type of roof, therefore, the installation cost to install may vary. Here are the 2 most common roof type installations;

Traditional Bolt-on Panels.
This is the most common way of placing panels onto the roofs by using rigid panels which are fixed to the roof surface by a solid combination of hooks and rails, or dedicated fixings.

Solar Tiles
Also known as solar shingles or slates, the tiles are a more recent way of including panels in roofs, and its’ objective is offering even much greater visual integrity which is achieved through using roof integrated panels. The tiles are basically designed to be utilised in place of the ordinary roof tiles.

They are a popular option for the new homeowners and home builders. Unlike the traditional bolt-on panels, these tiles are actually built into the roof structure and are then installed in a similar overlapping way, as the traditional roof slates. The solar tiles are best installed during roof construction.

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