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Thatch roof repairs and New thatch Roof installations

Thatch roof repairs need precise and highly skilled thatching tradesmen to carry out the work proficiently. Thatched roofing is basically a unique type of house or roof cover that is usually made using dry vegetation such as straw, sedge, and heather. It is one of the oldest roofing methods that is used both in temperate and tropical climates.

When properly dried and thatched, the natural thatching materials used become waterproof thus protecting your house against high and low temperatures, humidity and other elements of the weather. This type of roof is also a great natural insulator and will help keep your house warm during the winter seasons and cool during the summer seasons. In addition to that, besides being durable, they also add great character to a building.

Thatched roofs can be really beautiful when installed in many kinds of homes from old cottages to new houses. In recent years it has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance because of its uniqueness, high quality and being environmentally friendly. Here we are going to go over what this roofing is all about. this will help you make an informed decision when deciding on who you employ to carry out any thatch roof repairs or re-thatching of your roof.

Thatched Roof Construction Details

Generally, any roof can be thatched. However, the pitch of the roof need not be less than 45 degrees. This factor is very important because it helps the roof to shed water faster. A roof that has a lower pitch will not shed water fast and as a result, it will not have a long lifespan.

Thatched Roof Material

1. Combed wheat reed
Commonly known as Devon, combed wheat reed is used in thatching because they are durable. Before they are installed on the roof, they are usually straightened mechanically then cleaned by passing it through a reed comber. The resulting bundle usually give the roof a uniform and smooth look.

Thatch roof barn repairs2. Water reed
This material is commonly used for new and replacement work. Water reed is longer and harder and are very durable when used for roofing. Water reed is typically grown in marshlands and can be as long as 6 feet.

3. Long straw
Long straw usually consists of thrashed wheat that has already been harvested and prepared by hand. When installed, it will give your roof an ornate finish. In addition to that, they are also durable.

4. Heather
Most people prefer to use this material because of its unique appearance as well as durability. If well installed, heather can last for many years. However, they are usually laid over a low arched roof.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to thatch a roof?


As a guideline, you should generally be looking to pay in the region of: £100 – £150 per square

£100 – £150 per square metre for a replacement thatch roof, or:

£10 – £15 per square feet.

Thatched cottage roof repairsThese are our general thatch roof cost per square meter amounts. Please note the ‘general’.

This variance in price is due to a number of factors. However, as mentioned earlier, this question does not have a definite answer. The cost of installation actually varies depending on the material that you are planning to use and the surface area that the thatched roof will cover. Also, the experience of the contractor that you choose and other intervening factors can come into play. The cost of thatch roof repairs is usually less when compared to the cost of installing a new one. The cost is dependent on the size of the area that needs to be repaired. Also, the materials to be used as well as the experience of the thatch roof contractor.

QUESTION: How much does thatch roof maintenance cost?


As your thatch is made from very natural/classic materials, it’s going to wear away over time from the elements. You can maintain it and this will extend the life expectancy but you’re going to eventually need a replacement – it’s not going to last forever. The good news is that most thatched roof designs are going to last over 25 years and possibly about 40 years if the maintenance is good on your roof. The thatched roof lifespan is not bad at all.

We like to give concrete estimations on cost for our readers but thatched roof maintenance costs are particularly hard to price as it’s all going to depend on the size of your roof. We’d say it’s worth doing whenever you’re having problems with thatched roofs and think it looks raggedy.

Thatch Roof Repairs

Just like any other type of roofing, thatched roofing need to be repaired. There are roofing materials that are more durable than others. For instance, water reed can last up to 50 years while wheat reed can last up to 40 years. Being experts, we recommend that you should carry out good maintenance on your thatched roof with no longer than periods of 5 years apart to keep it in good condition. Regular smaller repairs will help prevent higher cost repairs in the future.

Advantages Of Thatched Roof

1. Fairly low cost
Do you want to install quality and unique roofing at fairly low cost? If yes then thatched roofing is what you have been looking for. When compared to other forms of roofing, thatched roofing is durable but costs less when compared to other types of roofing.

2. Environmental friendly
What makes this roofing type unique is that fact that it is environmentally friendly. No need for undue processing with chemicals that damage nature.

In conclusion, if you are looking for quality, unique a roof that is good for the environment and for your house, thatched roofing is the best option for you. It will give you quality and long lasting services that will surpass even your expectations.

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